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By Jesse Sahlin

The summer once represented a time where we were freed from the confines of a school schedule and we could enjoy the escape that the months provided. Entering adulthood means we must leave the "summer break" behind, but we can at least reflect on the sweet pastime and perhaps feel a bit of that freedom while enjoying a nice cold beer.

We are in the middle of a craft beer craze that has many beer drinkers across the country reaching for those delicious full-flavoured pale ales, IPAs, and the like - beer styles celebrated for their character of big bold flavor. While we love these beers, we encourage you to also look at the lighter side of beer when the temperatures begin to rise. These beers are characterized as incredibly crisp and refreshing, which pair perfectly with your Baja Fish Tacos or a fresh summer salad and bravely counters that summer heat.

Some great options for patio drinking are lagers and wheat beers. For a lager, try something that goes beyond the big name breweries that most envision when they think of the style. More and more craft brewers are taking on this style, which requires cold fermentation and more time to ferment (roughly 4-5 weeks longer than ale). The result is a refreshing beer with flavors focused on malt and hops. In the wheat beer category, a hefeweizen or white ale fit the bill. Special yeast gives these beers slightly sweet flavours of spice or banana with a golden, cloudy appearance. Most enjoy these with a lemon to give the beer a nice acidic snap.

No matter what you choose to drink, we encourage you to take some time to sit back with a cold one and let the confines of the day-to-day routine slip into the back of your mind as you enjoy your momentary getaway.

July 2015

Jesse Sahlin, the Director of Beverage Development, is originally from Seattle, and has been with JOEY for 10 years. JOEY offers locally and globally inspired, handcrafted menu creations in a warm, modern setting. Their highly skilled and passionate culinary and hospitality teams invite you to come as you are whether it's for a casual lunch, business meeting or night on the town.

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