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Holiday cocktails from Captive Spirits Distilling

In October, we brought you the story of Captive Spirits, makers of Big Gin. For December, we thought a follow-up of three holiday cocktails using their gin would be nice. All three were created by Andy McClellan of Sitka & Spruce. Happy holidays!

Hot Ta Trot

½ ounce Bourbon Barreled Big Gin
½ ounce Gifford Apricot Liquor
¼ ounce JM Cane Syrup
¼ ounce lemon juice
4 ounces hot water (near boiling)

Preheat cup for hot drink.
Build drink and top with hot water.
Garnish with clove-studded lemon peel.



Hard Knog

1 ounce Bourbon Barreled Big Gin
1 ounce 10-year tawny port
1 whole egg
½ ounce simple syrup

Build cocktail in shaker tin. Hard dry shake.
Add ice, shake.
Double strain into your favorite festive glassware.
Grate nutmeg on top for garnish.



North West 75

1 ounce Big Gin (flagship London Dry)
½ yellow Chartreuse
½ ounce lemon juice
¼ Clear Creek Cranberry Liquor

Shaken, strained into a flute topped with bubbles.
Add cranberry liquor to finish, and garnish with a thick and bright lemon peel and a few cranberries on a pick.

The cranberry liquor will fall to the bottom and settle, creating a beautiful spectacle.


Big Gin is available at certain Young's Market Company stores,
as well as the Captive Spirits tasting room in Ballard at 1138 West Ewing Street, Suite C.



December 2018

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