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City of Seattle Enforces No Tipping Rule

Restaurant owners furiously embarrassed

The City of Seattle has decided to take the tipping issue into their own hands despite negative feedback from restaurant owners and the Restaurant Association.

"Voters wanted the increase to $15 an hour and restaurant owners were mixed on that. We thought we'd just make it easier on everyone, since the group as a whole can't seem to make a decision, and take the angst out of the tipping issue," says an anonymous government source. "Diners are confused over whether they should tip or not. Some restaurant owners feel tipping should be spread across the staff, not just given to wait staff. Others oppose that idea. Servers sometimes feel guilty over keeping all the tips, some voluntarily share with bussers. What about cooks? We felt that if we impose a no-tipping rule, then owners will figure out how to charge appropriately for overhead, including fairly paying employees."

Restaurant owners may be wary of changing anything more at this time with food prices increasing, and certainly dislike having yet another rule forced on them and the way they choose to run their own businesses. "You open a restaurant to have control over your own business," says Ethan Erickson, owner of two popular Seattle restaurants, Serious Walrus and How to Cook a Barnacle. "Every time the City decides they know better than you how to run your business, it drives more people out of the industry. Restaurants are a huge boon to the City, from paying taxes to drawing tourists. They're pushing away their income and something that makes a city great. Why do they continue to act as though we can't make our own decisions or feel that these types of decisions should be theirs? Why don't they work on the homeless situation instead of trying to divert the public's attention?"

On any issue as contentious as this, it's a good idea to voice your opinion so the City and restaurant owners/Restaurant Association understand how restaurant-goers feel. Click here for a list of people who need to hear your thoughts.

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