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Last month we told you about three neighborhood spots you should know about. Why not share three more this month?

Chef Liao

Per stats ("Race & Ethnicity Quick Statistics"), 13.8% of Seattle's population is Asian. We know we have a large Vietnamese population. This not-so-large Chinese population may be why we have trouble finding Chinese restaurants we like. But we're here to say that Chef Liao is meeting our needs. They opened in 2005 and have a relatively small space-10-ish smaller tables, 2 large rounds, a few counter seats, and an open kitchen; it's very casual. Food appears to be cooked to order as it doesn't come out instantaneously, which is a good thing. They offer to-go and have a small delivery range. Sauces are very good and distinct from each other. Seafood is fresh, beef is tender. Lunch specials are a good deal.

6012 Phinney Ave N in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Hours are Monday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. (apparently, seating stops at 9:10 p.m. and delivery stops at 9 p.m. Lunch specials end at 3 p.m.) Sunday 4-9:30 p.m. 206-789-6441.

Bite Box

Bite Box is a small place with big flavors. A few tables, counter spots, open kitchen. You order at the counter and take a seat. They serve breakfast all day, have a daily soup, and proteins you can add to salads, as well as sides like pico de gallo or a habanero dill pickle. Salads are terrific, they offer a couple of sandwiches and a burger. Breakfast includes waffles, breakfast sandwich, several egg dishes, granola, and a daily hash. It's a comfortable spot to meet friends or go with co-workers, or sit and read while you eat. Easy take-out. Like it? They also cater.

307 West McGraw Street on the top of Queen Anne. Hours are Wednesday-Friday 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 206-708-1213.

Pecos Pit Bar-B-Q

We also bemoan the lack of good barbecue (whiners, we know), but after a first visit to Pecos Pit in West Seattle (rights owned by Gerry Kingen while 1st Ave Pecos Pit still owned/run by original owners), we have a place to go. They've done a great job with this small, former-teriyaki place: there's a drive through to make it easy for pick up, and there are tables inside. Only two parking spaces in front, but their lot is through the alley behind the 7-11 (big red banner). They sell ribs by the rack, bulk meat, sandwiches, chili, Frito pie, baked potato topped with barbecue, chicken, hot links, and sides. The beef is delicious as is the pork and Frito pie. Beans have that sweet, barbecue flavor. While it may be too late to pre-order double smoked ham for Easter, you can get individual servings all Easter weekend at this location. Order ahead if you want to drive through and pick it up on the way home or to lunch. Find a time to get in there!

4400 35th Ave SW, West Seattle. Hours are Sunday -Thursday 11am to 9pm and Friday, Saturday 11am to 10pm. 206-708-7681.

April 2017

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