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Celebrity Edge, a revolutionary new ship

Celebrity has always been about the modern luxury cruise with a focus on dining and beverage you don't experience elsewhere. There's the amazing atmosphere of the main restaurant with meals included in the price of the cruise, but there's so much more. You can go upscale or relaxed; choose sushi, Italian (Tuscan Grille photo), French, Asian, European-inspired café; inside or out. They've even partnered with Bravo and Top Chef, including Quickfire Challenges where you're in the spotlight; Top Chef Night in the main restaurant offers dishes conceived by popular cheftestants from the show. There are up to a dozen specialty restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs: you choose the type of cruise you want. Options are pretty much endless. Gather more details on each concept at .

Now Celebrity has upped the game again creating a new class of ships. The Celebrity Edge is the first of the new ships "designed to leave the future behind." The future is already behind again? Future is going to have to step it up to catch Celebrity.

One of the cool new features is called the Magic Carpet. It's the size of a tennis court and basically perches on the side of the ship, moving to four different floors, creating a new experience at each floor. It goes as high as 13 stories above sea level and includes a full bar, space for live music performances, and comfortable seating. At its highest level, it becomes a place for mouthwatering experiences like Dinner on the Edge. On Deck 14 it is an extension of the main pool area; Deck 5 is an open-air dining experience; and Deck 2 is an extension of The Destination Gateway, used for embarkation and the place to immerse yourself in destination information, shore excursions, and more.

Edge staterooms are amazing as well. If there wasn't so much good food and beverage elsewhere, you might never leave the room. With the touch of a button, the windows/doors open making your entire room a veranda, putting you on the water's edge. The Iconic Suites are 1,892 square feet (larger than many homes, right?) with living and dining areas, and private hot tubs. Penthouse Suites feature a master bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room living/dining area, guest bedroom and bathroom, terrace, and private hot tub, plus a butler to assist. There are Edge Villas, 950 square feet, split level with two stories of windows overlooking a terrace with a three-feet-deep plunge pool and lounge furniture.

Their Transformative Spaces, well, transform from day to night. During the day there is always-changing artwork, outward-facing ocean views, and surprising entertainment. At night, ambient lighting, al fresco dining, and live music.

If you've considered cruising, it just may come down to go big or stay home. Our guess is that you're going to have to take a lot of back-to-back cruises to take this all in.

Connie Adams/May 2017

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