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B & E Meats and Seafoods recipe

Once we've told you something is good, like B & E Meats and Seafood prime New York steaks, it would be a shame not to share their cooking tips. To ensure that your steaks are prepared just to your liking, Owner Jeff Green recommends that you follow these steps:

1) Salt and season your steaks early, at least one hour prior to grilling, or the day before if possible. For a change, try out B & E's flavorful, house-made Butcher's Blend. Guests report this incredible blend of seasonings is phenomenal and can even be used on popcorn.

2) To ensure your steaks are perfect for each guest be sure to take the temperature of your steaks while grilling. (Rare - 110 degrees F, Medium Rare - 120 degrees F, Medium - 130 degrees F, Medium Well - 140, Well/No-pink - why bother).

3) After you remove your steaks from the grill, be sure to let them rest just long enough to firm up and hold in the juices.

To learn about B & E Meats and Seafood, and find more recipes, visit their website at: Try any one of B & E's four locations: Des Moines, Queen Anne, Newcastle, and Burien.

July 2017

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