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Eating what your body needs

Is it a whole lot of no fun?

By Dr. Dusty DuBois

Have you heard that voice in your head before when you try to eat healthy? You know the one-when you're thinking about what you're going to eat, the voice tells you, "I don't want it, it won't taste good-don't make me eat it!" It can be tough to stay away from foods you should avoid--things with gluten, grains, MSG, preservatives, trans fats, refined and cane sugar, emulsifiers, GMO, and soy. With some work, you can get your home kitchen in order, but what about when you go out? Can you still stick to the things you should eat, without sacrificing tastes you love?

In this age of gluten-free, KETO, Whole30, Ideal Protein, raw food, vegan and paleo, how does one navigate these lifestyle choices and eat great food? Personally, I lost 70 pounds on Ideal Protein, but had a tough time keeping it off considering my love of good food and wine. Well, we figured it out and Revolve was born.

The big challenge was to provide recognizable food that's delicious and desirable while still hitting the heallthy notes. We hired renowned menu designer Leslie Dillion who was inspired to create recipes using REAL FOOD and no fillers. At Revolve we do some of the expected food swaps such as cauli-rice instead of rice, and offering  "mashed potatoes" that contain no potatoes at all, instead using celeriac root and parsnips. Then we kept going.

Here are some highlights of the results. Most people living the grain-free lifestyle are shocked to find they can have fish and chips, but we have it! Our wild-caught cod is battered with almond and coconut flour and deep fried in Safflower oil. We make our own pepperoncini tartar sauce. Let's say you want a hamburger with a bun. For many, lettuce wraps were the only way to go. Now, thanks to our recipe for "paleo buns," you can hold your hamburger in your hands. And you can have fries! They're made from sweet potatoes and served with masala salt, with our special in-house ancho chili ketchup. Crackers are usually not an option, so we figured out how to make a delicious flaky cracker and serve it with spreads (warm almond-crusted goat cheese, piquillo pepper sauce, beet-walnut spread, roasted garlic-cauli-hummus), as well as our house-made taro chips.

Our animal proteins are natural and raised humanely, without antibiotics or hormones. Seafood is wild, eggs are organic and farm fresh, and produce is seasonal and organic. With these options, you can stop listening to that voice saying a healthy diet is no fun and tasteless. Bacon-wrapped dates? Grass-fed sirloin or bison burger? Fried chicken sandwich, ancho aioli, honey-pickled cucumber with slaw? Grass-fed NW steak with herb shallot compound butter or demi? Market fresh fish? Bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed prawns? It's all available!

It's time to stop focusing on what you shouldn't or can't have and realize there's a world of delectable dining waiting for you. Once you know what's good for your body, you'll get accustomed to making the right decisions wherever you're eating and you'll feel so much better. While you're in the learning phase, spend some time with us at Revolve, knowing our celiac-safe kitchen is a haven for everyone. Learn how you can eat healthy, eat well, and look forward to your next meal!

April 2018

Dr. Dusty DuBois is the owner of Revolve True Food & Wine Bar , and Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness .

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