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Petite Galerie

A must-visit in Madison Valley

Chef/Owner Rob Sevcik has been Thierry Rautureau's Chef de Cuisine for ten years, working at the much-loved Rover's and opening Loulay. He had a vision of his own, too, a place where he and his team would fashion dishes and focus on taste and texture. He would create French-inspired, modern American food.

Early this year, his dream came true with the opening of Petite Galerie (The Art of Food) in Madison Valley. The light and airy space draws you in and the enormous graphic of a rose on a large wall is somehow calming vs. being overwhelming. Windows along the entire front of the restaurant give ample opportunity to watch the comings and goings of Madison Valley, although your attention will be riveted on the table in front of you. Everything is white of off-white, all the better to showcase the food presentation. Dining room tables number about ten, with eight seats at the bar. There's also a lovely semi-private dining room.

Lunch is served Monday-Friday featuring salads, soup, sandwiches and sweets. Dinner is served Tuesday-Saturday with a fun menu that allows you to create a brief bite or a multi-course meal. Offerings are divided into categories: "Land" being meats, "Sea" seafood, "Earth" vegetables, and "Heaven" desserts. The menu changes frequently, but these examples will give you a sense of the types of dishes you'll see. As a sweet, consider the pan-seared foie gras with Asian plum, cinnamon bread, spiced honey. Or Napa cabbage roll with fresh curd cheese, leek, roasted garlic, preserved tomato-olive oil sauce for an Earth option. Sea might be a pan-seared scallop or petrale sole. Land has featured Carlton Farms pork loin, quail-herbed mousse roulade and a Wagyu coulatte with Cambozola gratin. Want a three-course meat-heavy dinner? Choose all three from the Land category! Vegetarian? Stick to the Earth section. Feed your at-the-moment desires.

Knowledgeable staff will help you choose wine from their list to pair perfectly with your food choices. It's all good.

Petite Galerie
3131 East Madison, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98112

Connie Adams/May 2018

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