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Pre-batched cocktails

By Bill Munn

As the evolution of the cocktail culture throughout the United States continues, there is always a new idea (or an old one that resurfaces), that is worth revisiting. One such concept that we have been excited to put on display at Loews Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle is the pre-batched cocktail program through The Bellhop Bar. Though many times when you saddle up to a bar, part of the show is the bartender crafting your cocktail right before you, much akin to a chef's table for some of us cocktail nerds. We have found that there is a time and place for everything. Including the bottled cocktail program.

There are many pros to planning ahead and we have found some great success with our program in the right niche. What often comes to mind first is the speed of service. Sometimes all you want is to enjoy a delicious libation in good company. No showmanship needed. Pre-bottled cocktails can also help to create an intimacy of space, allowing the bartender to pour a well-crafted cocktail (and consistent….pre-batched and bottled means consistent) without having to break out a menagerie of obscure aperitifs, liqueurs, bitters and glassware. But what it is replaced by often is the tableside pour, where your bartender is bringing the experience to you. It also means a good cocktail can be quickly available virtually anywhere, limited only by the creativity of your purveyor. Loews Hotels across the country are pouring their own take on pre-batched cocktails at The Bellhop Bar.

All of these great aspects have come alive with The Bellhop Bar; the quintessential pop-up bar. Located in our Bell Lounge through mid-January, we invite our guests to warm themselves beside the fireplace during these colder months as our bartenders unpack them a bottled cocktail from this beautiful retrofitted steamer trunk. With this unique approach and attention to detail, we hope to turn the simple act of pouring a cocktail into a memorable experience, a highlight of their time with us.

For the same reason we highlight this program at Loews Hotel 1000, it could also work for you at home. Pre-bottled cocktails are perfect for dinner parties, allowing you to offer a couple different and fun cocktails for your guests without having to spend your entire evening behind a bar.

January 2019

Bill Munn is Loews Hotel 1000 Director of Food & Beverage in downtown Seattle. He has worked at Cafe Campagne and Frank's Oyster House & Champagne Parlor.

Port Angeles

2 oz. Angels Envy
2 bar spoon Florio Fernet
1 bar spoon simple syrup
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Orange peel garnish

Golden Gardens
1 ½ oz. Hangar One Vodka
½ oz. Sun Liquor Gun Club gin
½ oz. Lillet Blanc
¼ oz. Cocchi Americano Rosa

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