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Holiday Movie Binge

With the holidays coming our way, you might be planning a food strategy to come out the other side as fit as when you went in.

Now is a good time to not only come up with that strategy, but educate yourself about our Western diet, worldwide obesity and how big Agriculture has ruined the food supply. And if that doesn't help you get a handle on your diet, we're not sure what will.

So, during the downtime, watch a few of our favorite documentaries and watch the pounds shed from all you learned.

Fed Up (2014)

This was the one movie that really hit the nail on the head for me. Spearheaded and narrated by Katie Couric, the movie links together the food industry's excessive push for sugar, it's effects as we know them today and how the American Heart Association was shut down by big food to get a daily recommendation on the nutrition label. Tip: If you're consuming more sugar than what's in a can of Coke each day (you are if you're drinking sugared soft drinks) you're dumping more sugar into your body than is safe to do on a daily basis. This is a worldwide problem everyone needs to understand.

Available on multiple streaming outlets

Food Inc.

The food supply as your grandparents knew it is nothing like what we have today. Food Inc. spells out the changes that have occurred in virtually every aspect of your daily not-so-nutritional intake of calories. All the "science" in the last 70 years has resulted in bigger profits for the corporations and bigger medical bills for consumers

Available at

The Truth About Your Food with Food, Inc. Filmmaker Robert Kenner (2012)

Robert Kenner takes it one step further with this follow-up.

Available on YouTube

Monsanto: The Company that Owns the World's Food Supply

When it comes to the "science" of food, Monsanto created a multitude of Frankensteins designed to make food grow bigger and faster, while they killed off bee populations that are so necessary to pollination of food.

Available on YouTube

In Organic We Trust

For many of us, organic is the way to go, but can you trust the organic guidelines set by the USDA when you understand that many big corporations are invested in the market and have mega lobbyist to swing things in their favor?

Available at and on Amazon Prime

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but we think if you invest a little time to understand what you're eating, what's behind it all in the 21 st century and how much of the food sold today is society's burden tomorrow, you just may skip the dollar menu on a busy shopping day and do better with overall food choices during the holiday. And with good navigation, you may arrive in January at or better on the scale than when you stepped on it in November.

Can't get enough? There's more available options at

Gary Meeker/November 2019

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