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"And now, from the Test Kitchen studio, high atop Queen Anne hill, it is time for the Seattle DINING! show."

After producing our online magazine for 15 years, we're extending our content by adding an on-demand audio broadcast, fka - podcast.

Join the Senior Editor, Connie Adams, each month as she covers news and events about the people, places and things that make up the fabric of the Pacific Northwest food community.

#1809 - September 2018, The Caves of Carnation

Description: Todays guest is Justin Basel from Solemn Cellars in Wall Walla. We’ve been eating our hearts out across the northwest and we’re back to tell you all about it. A few new restaurants and some future plans play into our Newsbytes file. Events abound featuring wine, whiskey, cider and even tea in the upcoming Calendar of events, and we close the show with a few tips including how to make better simple syrup right at home.

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Tags: Crafted, Dough Zone, Tankard & Tun, Wine O’Clock, Matador, Magnuson Café and Breary, Walla Walla Farms Café, Twisted Cork, Sawyer, Harvest Vine, Maryhill Winery, Wild Ginger

Sponsors: Ethan Stowell Restaurants, BnE Meats and Seafood, Blueacre Seafood, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Revolve True Food and Wine, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Paragon Bar and Grill, Ciudad, Petra

#1808 - August 2018, Your last meal at Chandler’s

Description: Chefs Bill Morris and Tom Black of Gourmondo join us on the show today to reveal the inner-workings of this hidden gem in the city. We’re sharing a few summertime favorites and our latest dining experiences. Newsbytes reveals who’s closing, who's selling and what’s coming up. The calendar is packed with special events you can experience before the sun disappears again. We wrap with a tip for simple cooking and a homework assignment. Grab your headphones and let’s go!

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Tags: Mayflower Park Hotel, Seattle Metropolitan Grill, Pineapple Hospitality, Local 104, The Lodge Sports Grill, Flatstick Pub, Linda Derschang, Rein Haus, Harvest Vine, Waterways Cruises, Auction of Washington Wines

Sponsors: Ethan Stowell Restaurants, B and E Meats and Seafood, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Paragon Bar and Grill, Ciudad Grill

#1807 – July 2018, Peach Gazpacho

Description: This month’s guest is Tabitha Crenshaw, co-owner of Walla Walla’s The Saint and The Sinner. Our restaurant experiences are all over the Pacific Northwest this month. Donuts and unicorns are coming to White Center, boozy milkshakes are back and Tulalip gets Italian in our news bytes segment. The calendar sees the launch of a distillery fest from the promoters of Taste Washington, Bastille Day fun and a garden party in a great garden. All that and more on this month’s show.

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Tags: The Nest, RN74, Mar.Ket, Gather Seattle, Rudy Duck, Rel Lish, Riverview, Good Day Doughnuts, Footprint Wine, Unicorn, L’il Woody’s, Captive Spirits, Future Primitive, Dingfelders, Tulalip Resort Casino, Koko

Sponsors: B&E Meats, Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Swiftwater Cellars, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Blue Acre Seafood, Petra Mediterranean Bistro

#1806 - June 2018, Beyond the Black Mold

Description: Chef Lainie Carey of the Fig & the Judge joins us in studio. Also on the mic later is winemaker Cameron Kontos. BBQ Season is in full swing and our Newsbytes segment is full of news about beef. The calendar is packed with summer events as well as Father’s Day ideas. That, and more on this month's Seattle DINING! Show.

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Tags: Fig & The Judge, Maslow’s, Brother Joe, Community Table, Woodinville Cut Shop, Red Duck, Umpqua Valley Lamb, Trader Joes, Deep Sea Sugar and Salt, Rain Shadow Meats, 7 Beef, June Baby, Sawyer, La Pasta, Cortina, Super Bueno, Serafina, Kaspers, Waterways Cruises

Sponsors: B&E Meats, Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Swiftwater Cellars, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Blue Acre Seafood, Petra Mediterranean Bistro

#1805 - May 2018, Fresh vs Frozen

Description: Sarah Lorenzen of Fare Starts Maslow’s joins us today. We also wrap up our interview with Jason Wilson and Chris Upchurch where we look what’s ahead for the pair. Connie and Tom are talking about where they’ve been eating. You might want to take a road trip. We’ve got fresh tidbits about an upcoming brewpub in Magnusson Park, a Gay Bingo night, Lakehouse Sunday suppers and more in our Newsbytes segment. The Calendar segment is rocking with a Mom’s day, a Gluten Free night at Safeco field and a Beachside Brew and BBQ event near the border. Our tips segment has tricks for you to use to get make this your best grilling season ever. All that and more on this month’s show.

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Emory’s, Toulouse Petit, Floret, Kokopeli, O’Grady’s, Teatro Zinzanni, Sparkman Cellars, Delille Cellars, Poke to the Max, Schooner Brewing, Lakehouse Bellevue, Aqua by El Gaucho, Copperworks Distilling, Belltown Pub, Matt’s in the Market

Sponsors: Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Esquin Wines and Spirits, Salty’s on Alki, Paragon Bar and Grill, Ciudad, BnE Meats

#1804 – When to hire an Herb Stripper

Description: Our guests today are Chef Jason Wilson and Winemaker, Chris Upchurch. While their upcoming wine dinner is a private affair, we invited them in to give us a glimpse. Ron Williams with Visit Walla Walla also joins us with updates about how things are changing for the better out east. Baseball season has arrived and a whole slew of new items hit the concessions at the ball park as well. PCC goes for it with a new store downtown in the new Rainier Square tower, Hotel 1000 gets a new chef and more is revealed in Newsbytes. Besides Easter events, the Calendar is cooking all month long with cooking classes, wine dinners and more. Is a visitor’s bureau always a good place for recommendations? That and more on this month’s show.

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Tags: Fire and Vine Hospitality, Upchurch Vineyards, Wildfin American Grill, Stack Burger, PCC Community Markets, Dirty Couch brewing, June Baby, Hotel 1000, Uptown Ale House, Visit Walla Walla

Sponsors: Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Queen Anne Olive Oil Company, Salty’s on Alki, Revolve True Food and Wine, Collections Café, BnE Meats

#1803 – March 2018, Diet Coke & Kombucha

Description: Our special guest today is Josh Henderson, one of Seattle’s top chefs and the man behind the Huxley-Wallace Collective. We’ve discovered a lot while dining out this month that you need to know. Lots of closures as well as new location announcements populate our Newsbytes segment. March is Washington Wine month and we’ll tell you where all the best wine dinners are in our Calendar segment. We’ve got a special recipe that shows up at the close of the show. Listen for it.

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Tags: Huxley-Wallace Collective, Pecos Pit BBQ, Oaxaca, Uli’s, Bently’s, Revelry, Poppy, NW TravelMag, Daniel’s Broiler, Red Duck, Bacco, Chinoise

Sponsors: Swiftwater Cellars, Salty’s, Blueacre, Revolve True Food & Wine, BnE Meats

#1802 – February 2018, February is for Foodies

Description: We have two guests today; Kelsey Jones is here to talk about the upcoming Seattle Wine and Food Event and Ron Williams joins us from Visit Walla Walla to talk about their month-long food event. There’s so much to love about February and our calendar is packed full of events you can endear yourself to. Tom and Connie banter about where they’ve been eating lately and reminisce about events from the past they’ll never forget. All that and more is in store.

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Tags: Visit Walla Walla, Seattle Wine and Food Event, Kaspers, Tilikum Café, Capital Grille, Farm Stand, Pfreim, Upchurch Wines, Columbia Gardens, Browne Family Vineyards, Los Hernandez, Ethan Stowell, Holland America Cruises, Russel Lowell, Chocofest, Tavolata, Ivar’s

Sponsors: B & E Meats, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle, Petra Bistro

#1801 – January 2018, Purple Potato Potine

Description: Sam Crannell, former owner of Lloyd Martin, joins us to talk about the demise of a Queen Anne favorite and where he’s headed in the future. We also invite Microsoft’s Cortana in to tell us about her favorite restaurants in Seattle and help us decide what to make for Valentine’s Day. There’s a new donut shop in town, Poquitos is opening an east side location and California gets a new AVA. The calendar has events for both adults and kids a like and we’ll tell you how to minimize the gaseous effects of beans.

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Tags: Goldfinch Tavern, Waterways Cruises, L’Ecole 41, Salty’s Redondo, Captive Spirits Distilling, Oregon Truffle Festival, Sawtooth Winery, Serafina, Ciccetti

Sponsors: BnE Meats, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle, Petra

#1712 – December 2017, Technique, Technique, Technique

Description: Our in-studio guest this month is Bridget Charters who is a primary player within Tom Douglas’ Hot Stove Society cooking school. We follow up on last months discussion about trends and share details about where we’ve been eating, which includes Hawaii. Rogo’s Andaluca and Daniel lead off our newsbytes. We’ll tell you where to make a gingerbread house and slip in a wine dinner in our calendar segment. How to bake carrots and more tips abound.

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Tags: Tom Douglas Restaurants, Hot Stove Society, Daniels Broiler, RN74, Café Lago, Kaspers, Rogos

Sponsors: BnE Meats, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle, Petra

#1711 – November 2017, Chicken Face

Description: Joel Gameron, National Chef from Sur La Table joins us today to talk about the best gadgets for the upcoming holidays. It looks like Seattle is setting trends based on new data from the National Restaurant Association. Several local favorites are celebrating significant anniversaries, and we’ve got the scoop on where to enjoy fall dining events.

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Tags: Sur La Table, Daniel’s Broiler, Chandler’s, Spazzo, Racha Thai Queen Anne, Little Fish, Pearl, Wild Ginger, Mac and Jacks, Seastar, Tucannon Cellars, How to cook a Wolf, Serafina

Sponsors: BnE Meats; Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle, Petra

#1710 – October 2017, Lemberger with your lamb burger

Holly Smith of Café Juanita joins us for an interview about her upcoming James Beard appearance and to catch up on the quaint Eastside hideaway where they lock down the dignitaries. We kick the show off with a few Fall food tips and talk about where we’ve been dining as of late, including in the airport. In newsbytes we reveal how more Oregon wines are coming to Woodinville, the latest openings and re-openings and look at a few important anniversaries. The Calendar has plenty to keep you busy in and out of town locally. We close the show with a tip on how to re-purpose a wine bottle just in time for fruit fly season and why you want to try something new.

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Tags: Dish d’Lish, True Food Kitchen, Olympic Timberhouse, Next Door GastroPub, Cycene, Japonessa, Mirchi, Daniels South Lake Union, Panther Creek Cellars, Café Campagne, Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Café Umbria, Palisade, The Edgewater, Duke’s, Buty Winery, Dusted Valley, Waterways Cruises, Fairmount Hotel Seattle, Harvest Vine, Walter Clore Center.

Sponsors: BnE Meats; Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

Black Cherry Balsamic

Connie is busy getting ready for the annual Cooking with Class fund raiser, so Tom invites the co-host from his other podcast to join in and banter about dining in and around Seattle. The guys talk about a few places you may never have eaten at – yet, then cover the news bytes and calendar with as much finesse as you could get out of two boys. Tom recently fired the food trucks and caterers from his annual event and he shares with us how he took over the kitchen. The show ends with a minimalist tip and a trick you can play on your steak. All the music today is from Susan Robkin.

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Tags: Josh Henderson, Seahawks, Century Link Field, Edgewater, Bees Box Wines, Cider Summit, Southpaw Pizza, Paplo y Pablo, Revolve, Farm Stand Café, Seastar Bellevue Pike Brewing Company, Cedarbrook Lodge, The Vude, Avennia, NW Tea Festival

Sponsors: Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1708 – August 2017, Super Vision

Jeff Green from B&E Meats & Seafood stops in to update us on his four neighborhood butcher shops scattered around the Sound. We open the show with a look at the latest food poisoning issues in play. Lots of things are brewing in our newsbytes segment and the Calendar is packed full of beverage events. The show closes with all new tips and tricks and a new furniture idea for your home.

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Tags: B&E Meats & Seafood, Capitol Grille, French Cider, Bacco Café, Chan, Wine World & Spirits, Perche No, Eritage, Chad Mackay, Jason Wilson, Cone & Steiner, Verjus, Costco, Daddy G’s, Bargreen-Ellingson, Nick Musser, Brian Clevinger, Vendemia

Sponsors: Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1707 – July 2017, From the land of VQA’s

Our guests this month are Miles Prodan, President of the British Columbia Wine Institute and Executive Winery Chef, Jeremy Tucker of BC’s Cedar Creek Estate Winery. Connie’s got the scoop on the closing of Daniel’s at Leschi and more in Newsbytes. The Calendar is packed with upcoming events and you’ll learn a few things in our closing tips and tricks segment. Buckle your headset and let’s roll.

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Tags: Wines BC, Cedar Creek Winery, Daniel’s Leschi, PROOF, SOMM Summit, Wine Yakima Valley, SalishLodge, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1706 – June 2017, Grass Fed Oatmeal

Our guest this month is Corporate Executive Chef Wayne Johnson of Farestart to fill us in on a little more about the recent donation of 25,000 square feet in South Lake Union by The show kicks off with Connie pondering what people really want when they go out to eat. Then it’s off to Newsbytes for all the latest tidbits and the latest events we see on the horizon. We unearth a reader favorite from our AI file that goes all the way back to 1999 – see if you can pick it out.

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Tags: Wayne Johnson, Fare Start, Mrs. Cooks, Walla Walla Wine Weekend, Champion Wine Cellars, Bookstore Bar and Café, Pike Brewing, Molly Moon, Cavatappi, Tavolata, Lark, Savage Grace, Fremont Brewing, Waterways Cruises, Hightower Cellars, Salish Lodge, Airfield Estates, Port Ludlow Resort, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1705 – May 2017, Sing a Somm

Today’s special guest is Christopher Chan, who is heading up the SOMM Summit which will take place this summer in Seattle. The show opens with a holdover from April and where we’ve been dining. Newsbytes gives us a glimpse of some changes going on and our Calendar tips you off to a lot more than just Mother’s Day events. The show closes with the tips and tricks you can use, whether you’re dining in or out.

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Tags: Christopher Chan, SOMM Summit, Carillon Kitchen, Henni’s Kitchen, Wild Ginger, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Heartwood, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1704 – April 2017, We’ve had our fun!

Todays special guest is Lisa Warr-King Packer from Warr-King wines. It’s the April show, so of course anything can happen. The show opens with banter about where not to eat, Newsbytes gives us a glimpse of changes going on and our Calendar tips you off to a lot more than just Easter events. The show closes with the tips and tricks you can use whether you’re dining in or out.

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Tags: Warr-King Wines, 14 Carrot Café, Salish Brewing, Japonessa Sushi, Heavy Restaurant Group, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1703 – March 2017, Live from the loft

Description: Tom takes over the show today while Connie repairs a divot she left behind on the golf green last weekend. But we’re not alone as Russell Lowell makes two appearances. We discuss the new Emoji restaurant rating system and then dive into the wine dinner series at Russell’s in Woodinville that will be underway throughout the year. Connie pops in with some Newsbytes and Calendar tips and as always, we end the show with tips and tricks you can use at home or when dining out.

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Tags: Russell’s, Bentley’s, Pizza Bank, Poppy, Tim’s Cascade Chips, Daniels’s Broiler, Xoxaca, All Recipes, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1702 - February 2017, Crafty Briskety

Isaac Hutchins of Marjorie breaks away from the kitchen to be our special guest this month. Isaac fills us in on what’s happening at the restaurant in the front and the back of the house. Connie and Tom open the show with a look back at Seattle 25 years ago. Is it a better place to eat now, than it was then? What’s changed? The newsbytes segment reveals some interesting changes in the landscape and the calendar segment is loaded with Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day ideas. And, yes, we do know that Chef/Owner Michael's last name is Rogozinski.

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Tags: ESRseattle, Tavolata, Volunteer Park, Serafina, Airfield Wines, Dusted Valley, Ste. Michelle, Tavern, Russell’s, Chappellet, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1701 – January 2017, Instead of onions…

We’re ringing in the new year with all the latest news about dining in and around Seattle. First, we look at recent restaurant visits, then we share some tips about food substitutions that make sense. There’s plenty of news to digest with our newsbytes segment and our calendar provides some interesting experiences for winter. Connie interviews Tom about the origins of our online magazines and we close with tips and tricks you can use. If you’re mentioned in the tags, you’re mentioned during the show.

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Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood, Barking Dog Ale House, Experience Tea, Space Needle, Jazz Alley, Perche’ No, Volunteer Park Café, Duke’s Chowder House, Southpaw Pizza, Island Time Eatery, Aggie’s BBQ, SWFE, Speed Bartending Competition, Verjus, Patz and Hall, Dine out Vancouver, Buty, Port Ludlow Resort, Seattle Colleges, Salty’s on Alki, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Neighborhood Grills, Esquin Wine and Spirits, Paragon Seattle

#1612 - December 2016, Save the Earth---worms!

Samad Nasserian, CEO and Founder of Cozymeal is our special guest today discussing how you can order up team building for the corporate workplace using Seattle chefs as your guides. We open the show talking about a few places we’ve dined at lately and one we didn’t. Then we ponder the mix of restaurants in a city that has a reputation for good food. What’s missing? Beyond Seattle’s homeless problem, with all the rain we’ve got a lot of homeless earthworms – now what? There’s plenty of info in our Newsbytes segment, plenty to do in our calendar segment and we’ve got tips for the holidays and beyond. Enjoy the show.

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The Ridge Pizza, Bistro San Martin, Ballard Sip and Ship, Pick Quick, Mykonos Greek Grill, Raccolto, Circadia, Copine, Nue, Flint Creek, Purple, Brooklyn, Market, Metropolitan Grill, Tom Douglas Restaurants, BaBar, Cheers Bar and Grill, Jackson’s Catfish Corner, Little Lago, Thackery, Heavy Restaurant, Sweet Iron Waffle, Copperleaf, Ghostfish Brewing Company, Trophy Cupcakes, Walla Walla Women of Wine, Wild Ginger, Daniels Broiler Bellevue, Scout PNW, Pike Brewing Co, Salty’s Seafood Grills, RN74, Tavolata, Kaspers Catering, Walter Clore Wine & Culinary Center, Tulalip Resort Casino, Avennia, Serafina, Cicchetti, Woodmark Hotel, Tarsan I Jane, R-U-I, Thompson Seattle

Episode #1611 - November 2016, Burger Tartare

Jill Petrie of the Blue Ribbon Cooking School is our special guest today. Tom & Connie open the show discussing some places they’ve dined at as of late and then we get into debating the delivery of raw proteins to the table, when that’s not what you ordered. Newsbytes reveals the progress of several new restaurants set to open soon and the Calendar is packed full of wine dinners and Thanksgiving options. We close with tips on the importance of speaking up when you’re dining out and a cool gadget every kitchen should have. 

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Tags: Long Shadows Winery, Salty’s Seafood Grills, J. Bookwalter Winery, Page Cellars, No. 6 Cider, Kaspers Catering, Waterways Cruises, The Resort at Port Ludlow, Tulalip Casino, Hollywood Tavern, Siren Song Winery, Lisa Dupar Catering, Marmite, Mean Sandwich, Bite Box, Tacqueria Cantina, Perche No, Paragon Restaurant & Bar, Esquin Wine & Spirits, Trellis at the Heathman Hotel, Queen Anne Olive Oil Company .

Episode #1610 - October 2016, 25 years is a long time

Nat Stratton-Clarke of Café Flora joins us today to talk about the 25 years of Café Flora; where it’s been and where it’s going. We’ve got the skinny on where to go for the good flavors throughout October. We’ve got the skinny on the inside news about the dining world around the sound. And we’ve got tips and tricks to get you into the holiday groove.

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Tags: Café Flora, Daniel’s Broiler Bellevue, Semiahmoo, Cakebread Cellars, Serafina Seattle, Pacific Grill, Silver City Brewing, Kaspers Catering, Betz Family Winery, MetGrill, HitchcockResto, Skyfall Vineyard, WillowsLodge, CapitalGrille, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Café Lago, Salty’s on Alki, Trellis, Esquin, Café Lago, Poppy, Petra, Paragon Bar & Grill

Episode #1609 - September 2016, Grind me a Cricket

Duke Moscrip and Bill Ranniger of Duke’s Chowder House join us as our special guests to discuss their new cook book, As Wild as it Gets, as well as the turnaround in food offerings over the last decade. If it’s been a while since you’ve eaten at Duke’s, you’ll want to listen to this show. Tom and Connie kick off the episode with a discussion on recent restaurants they’ve visited and then get into the newest flour coming your way at a store near you soon. The calendar is packed with ways to say goodbye to summer and newsbytes reveals new changes in the current culinary landscape.

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Tags: Duke Mosrip, Bill Ranniger, Duke’s Chowder House, feastportland, Sweet Week, Gyu-Kaku, Duvall Roastery, Smith Tower Temperance, Chicchetti, Tavolata, Russell’s Bothell, Walter Clore, Harvest Vine, Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival, Kasper’s Catering, Stimson Green, Local 360, Rusty’s Cheesecake, Tillikum Café, King Estate, Parasol, Pike Brewing, Queen Anne Olive Oil, Café Lago, Salty’s on Alki, Trellis, Esquin, Café Lago, Poppy, Petra, Paragon Bar & Grill

Episode #1608 - Coffee with Dinner

Kurt Dammiere of Sugar Mountain joins us in the studio to discuss his newest projects which include a new restaurant and cookbook. It’s summer time in Seattle and outdoor dining is in full swing, and as the city erupts with new residents, there’s a lot to cover that will inspire both newbies, as well as those who have been around a while. We’ve got the skinny on the latest happenings around town and where all the delicious food events are. The show closes with tips you can use in the kitchen, or when you’re out and about. Share the show with others.

Tags: Kurt Dammiere, Sugar Mountain, Beechers Cheese, Liam, The Butcher’s Table, Pure Food, Ethan Stowell, Esquin Wine, Rock Creek, Dahlia Lounge, Touluse Pettit, All Recipes, Tavolata, Kasper’s, LeCole 41, Busarra, TableTalk Northwest, Salty’s, Qeen Anne Olive Oil, Petra Mediterranean Bistro, Paragon Bar & Grill, Sparkman Cellars, Whisk, Erin Coopey, Book Larder, Clore Center, Marjorie, Finnriver, Kitsap Wine Festival, Eden Hill, Caymus Vineyards, Sun Mountain Lodge, Ala Mode Pies, Market Foundation, Corner Bakery, Manus Bodegita, Dukes Chowder House, GhostFish Brewing Company, Cupcake Royale, EMP Museum 

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Episode #1607 - July 2016, We'll miss you Ponti!

Jamie takes the month off to work on Lamb things, so Connie and Tom steer the ship of food to where it needs to go. The two look at a few places they recently dined at, then it’s on to newsbytes for tidbits about what’s going on around town. Several 4th of July festivities arise during a briefing on the calendar. Then, Loyd and Ryan drop by from the Captain Whidbey Inn to discuss what’s going on at one the Pacific Northwest longest running getaway locations. The pair wrap with a few tips. So long Ponti, thanks for all the great food and great times.

Tags: Ponti Seafood Grill, Captain Whidbey Inn, Semiahmoo Resort, SilverLake Winery; Suncadia Resort, Steelhead Diner, Bell + Whete, the Carlisle Room, Bite of Seattle, Eden Hill, Friday Harbor House, Andaluca, Upchurch Wine, Gilbert Cellars

Episode #1606 - June 2016, Songs from the Test Kitchen

The trio of Connie, Jamie and Tom are back at it again, kicking off the show with a tour of Washington restaurants. You’ll want to try them all! We take a quick look at what’s going on in the Newsbytes segment and roll into the Calendar with plenty of events you can partake in all month long. The trio has just returned from an eye-opening tour of Yakima and there’s lots to share about the massive turnaround in the area east of the Cascades. We wrap with kitchen and restaurant tips.

Tags: Mamnoontoo, Edgewater Seattle, Terry Avenue Market, TarsanIJane, Lost Lake Café, Zesta Cucina, Bale Breaker Brewing, Tieton Cidery, Antolin Cellars, Shakti’s, Phoenica West Seattle, Skillet Catering, Taki’s Mad Greek, Cowiche Grill, Gilbert Cellars, Swede Hill, Yakima Craft Brewing, Kana Winerey, Bron Yr Aur , Naches Heights Vinyards, Wilridge, JB Neufeld, Berchman Brewing, Tulalip Bay Restaurant, Tavolata Seattle, Washington Trade Center, Serafina, Charles Smith Wines, Woodward Canyon, Fireside at Port Ludlow, Cooperleaf Restaurant, Cedarbrook Lodge, Experience Woodinville, Ponti Seafood Grill, Salty’s Seafood Grill, Tabletalk Northwest

Episode #1605, May 2016, Alphabetically Speaking

Clover Thurk with the Pike Place Market Foundation joins Tom & Connie to reveal inside information about their program that most people don’t know. The show kicks off with the hosts bantering about where they’ve eaten as of late, a favorite new book, spring getaways and then we leap into Newsbytes and the Calendar segment covering everything from Cinco de Mayo to Mother’s Day and beyond. We wrap with some tips for dining out and at home. Mike Meengs provides some wonderful new music bumpers to this month’s show. It’s all right here. Press Play!

Tags: Pike Place Market Foundation, The Brick Tavern, Roslyn Café, Great State Burgers, Safeco Field, Bramling Cross, Nonni’s Italian Bistro, Bick’s Broadview Grill, Swiftwater Cellars, Kizuki Ramen, Pearl Seafood & Oyster Bar, Ballard Pizza Company, Marjorie, Hamanasu, Lamarzocco, Pike Brewing, Ghostfish Brewing, Tavolata, Luc, Lisa Dupar Catering, Spazzo, Woodhouse Wine, Puget Sound Express, Woodinville Wine Country, Daniel’s Broiler

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Episode #1604, April 2016, Bringing down the horses

With most of the hosts and guests down for the count with dreaded colds, the publisher leads us through a brief show for this month. He keeps it entertaining, but he’s no David Letterman.

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Walla Walla Special Editions

We recently visited Walla Walla and took time out to interview seven personalities in the restaurant and wine business.

Part 1: In this special Walla Walla edition, we interview staff from The Marcus Whitman Hotel, Dunham Cellars, The Maple Counter Café and L'ECole No 41 Winery

Click here to play it now

Part 2: In this special Walla Walla edition, we interview staff from Andrae's Kitchen, Walla Walla Vintners and the Olive Marketplace & Cafe

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Tags: Marcus Whitman Hotel, Dunahm Cellars, Maple Counter Café, LeCole 41 Winery, Andraes Kitchen, Walla Walla Vintners, Olive Marketplace

Episode #1603 - March 2016, Burger Chain Invasion

This month we interview Marcus Whitman Hotel Executive Chef, Scott McLean and Dunham Cellars General Manager, John Blair. The show opens with a look at where we’ve been eating out as of late, Jamie provides a Seattle Food and Wine Exhibition wrap-up and then we get into some juicy newsbytes and upcoming events on the Seattle DINING! Calendar. The show closes with gadget, kitchen and dining out tips. We’re glad you could stop in and listen.

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Tags: Visit Walla Walla, Marcus Whitman Hotel, The Marc, Dunham Cellars, Trellis Kirkland, Ponti Seafood Grill, Toulouse Pettit, Happy Hour Radio, Café Lago, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Brian Carter Cellars, Poppy, Dahlia Lounge, Tavolata, NW Travel Magazine, Dora’s Worm Ranch, Brimmer and Healtap, Capp’s Club, Freshii, Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, Genki Sushi, Little Big Burgers, Great State Burgers, Huxley Wallace.

Episode #1602 - February 2016, Unseasonably Seasonable

Our special guests for this show are Charles and Rose Ann Finkel from the Pike Brewing Company. But first we banter about where we’ve been dining, discuss some longtime favorite restaurants, dig into the news and dive into the calendar. It’s February so we’re laying out all the Valentine’s Day options as well as a few new ideas to celebrate love and the love of food. Click here to play it now

Episide #1601 - January 2016, The Chamber of Secrets - The trio of Connie, Jamie and Tom blast off into the new year with an action packed show. Discussions of the latest dining destinations leads to a deep inside look at how wineries have opened tasting rooms across the west side of the state. Then we savor a few tasty tidbits from our news bytes column and look at what's happening foodie-wise in January. Then Tom and Connie proceed to interview Jamie about her upcoming Seattle Wine and Food Experience event. The show closes with tips on dining out, eating in general, a kitchen gadget you probably don't own and someone trying to claw their way into the studio. Bon Appetit and Happy New Year to all our listeners and readers. Click here to play it now

Episode #1512, December 2015 - Jamie joins in - Jamie Peha joins in as our celebrity guest host today with Connie and Tom. We talk about where we've all been dining as of late, get into the scuttle about town and then review the holiday calendar for December so you'll know where to go for Christmas and New Year's meals. Natasha from Cederberg Teahouse steps in to tell us all about her shop atop Queen Anne. Finally, a few tips and then we close out. Happy holidays to all our listeners! Click here to play it now

Tags: Cederberg Tea House, Westward, Tavolata, Orfeo, Cicchetti, POP!, Tini Bigs, Ponti Seafood Grill, Chinoise, Grappa, Earls CA, Bramling Cross, Honor Coffee, Lakedale Resort, Mezcaleria Oaxaca, Molbaks, WA Brewers Guild, Golden Beetle, Barking Frog, Pink Door, Blind Pig Bistro, Blue Ribbon Cooking School, Fireside at Port Ludlow Resort, Ray’s Boathouse & Café, Trellis, Willows Lodge

Episode #1511, November 2015 - Don't cook like Tom's mother - Connie steers the ship this month as Tom takes most of the show off to hide behind the mixing board. Instead, Ronald Holden ( steps in to co-host and add his comments along the way. This month's interview is with David McIntosh of JOEY Restaurant UVillage. Ron closes the show with an important tip you won't want to miss for the holidays. Click here to play it now

Episode #1510, October 2015 - Beer halls and porklets - There's plenty going on in October from wine dinners to beer halls, but first we take a look at all the getaway options Woodinville has to offer, including where to find the porklets. Then Connie and Tom review the latest newsbytes and calendar activity. Later the dine-amic duo are joined by Paul Duncan of Ray's Boathouse for a look at the upcoming fall menu and special events. We close out with a tip from Chef Alvin of Ponti Seaffood Grill. Can ya dig it?! Click here to play it now

Episode #1509, No show this month - We're busy getting ready for our annual fund raiser, Cooking with class. We'll be back in October.

Episode #1508, August 2015 - We're at the pinnacle - Connie and Tom reel out the latest news and look at the upcoming Epicurean calendar for the Puget Sound. Then they're joined by Gerry Kingham and Jeremy McLaughlin to discuss the upcoming Pecos Pit Franchise. Cooking with Class, Salty’s Seafood Grills, Pecos Pit BBQ, Skamania Lodge, Inn of the White Salmon, Port Ludlow Resort, Harrison Hot Springs, Silver Cloud Hotels, Suncadia, Wines Jet City, Orfeo, Naka Seattle, Taylor Shellfish, emulsifiers and more are covered in this show. Click here to play it now

Episode #1507, July 2015 - Did ya miss us? - Connie and Tom return from a short break. They kick-off the show with coverage of current Pacific Northwest getaways, dining news and upcoming events. Then Stew Navarre from Local 360 and Bell + Whete joins the show to talk about juggling two kitchens in downtown Seattle. Cameos from Salty's Jeremy, Queen Anne Olive Oil Gary, Kasper Donier, and Dan at Bicks. Click here to play it now

Episode #1505, May 2015 - Portland on the left, Vancouver on the right - Connie and Tom are back... again - from Oregon and B.C. News, Calendar, Mother's Day and interviews with Donna Cafasso and Larry Graham. Dunbar Room, Sorrento Hotel, Ms. Helen's Soul Food Bistro, Tacos and Beer, San Pellegrino, Agave, Chutney's, Tacos Guaymas, Crater Lake Vodka, Dry Fly, Kaspar Donier, Z Pizza, Little Oddfellows, Elliott Bay Cafe, knife classes, barrel fresh wine, Hellbent Brewing, Orfeo, Batch 206, Crafts in the Draft, Deiter wine classes, Alexandria Nicole, Salty’s, Fireside at Port Ludlow Resort, Ponti Seafood Grill, Ray’s Boathouse, Seastar. Click here to play it now

Episode #1504, April 2015 - Round TOO! - We're back with Round #2 of the show. Favorite spots, News, Calendar, The Oregon Coast and interviews with Bob Harris of Ramsay Cellars and Sam Cranell of Lloyd Martin. Click here to play it now

Tags: Gabriel’s Fire, Thai Fusion Bistro, Sunfish Café, Colonial Kitchen, Wedgewood Broiler, Anthony’s Alderwood, Lloyd Martin, Robert Ramsay Cellars, Epic Ales and Gastropod, Josh Henderson, W Hotel, Drunky’s BBQ, Armadillo BBQ, Biscuit Bitch, Hollywood Tavern, Westward, Skillet Diner, Vendemmia, Tanglewood Supreme, Luc, Art Marble 21, Sanctuary, Seattle Easter Brunch, Captain Whidbey Inn, Port Ludlow Inn, Barking Frog, Serafina, Sullivan’s, Tulalip Resort and Casino, Semiahmoo, Dieter Schafer, Woodinville Reserve, Januik, Restaurant Week, Café to Café, Alexandria Nicole, Pike Brewing, Canlis, Shuga, Wayne Johnson, Salty’s, Andaluca, Fireside at Port Ludlow Resort, Ponti Seafood Grill, Ray’s Boathouse.

Please note that Plaka in Ballard is NOT closing.

Episode #1503, March 2015 - We have lift-off - Connie kicks off the first Seattle DINING! internet broadcast together with SD! publisher, Tom Mehren.

Tags: Uli’s Famous Sausage, Salty’s on Alki, Canlis, Toulouse Petit, Shanik, South Lake Union, Kaspars, Brian Carter Cellars, Boat Street Café, Cellars, Jason Stratton, Spinasse, Artusi, Vespolina, Mio Sushi, Wild Fin, Japonessa, Heathman Hotel, Trellis, Grub on Queen Anne, Boyd Coffee, Rocks District AVA, Ray’s Boathouse, Paul Duncan, Bellevue Bourban Bash, Thirsty Fish, Serafina, Dusted Valley, Fado, Sweet Mickey’s, Russell’s, Barolo, Tilikum Place Café, Andaluca, Fireside, Port Ludlow Inn, Ponti Seafood Grill, Biscuit Box, Reidel, Wusthof, El Porton – Zillah, SWFE, Quintana Roo Mexicatessen, Glo, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Local 360, Kitsilano Brunch Crawl. 1 hr, 4 min. Click here to play it now

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